Sometimes Things Are More Than Things

I know it’s not good to get attached to objects, but this is not an object, you see. It is our boat. It is our holiday home at sea. A home, where all kinds of extraordinary moments and every day moments have played out, and been celebrated. It is every love language. It is a place of energy. Definitely, definitely, not an object.

She even has a name, the Aqua Princess. And she has, like our tribe’s grandmother, seen her grandsons grow and change over the years. She has seen it all, and with great warmth.

I’m not quite sure she would see herself as a grandmother, so let’s stick to the title of Princess… The real beauty of having the Princess as part of the family is looking back at the moments we’ve been aboard her fine self and seeing how much has changed – in our lives, our selves, our country, our hearts and minds.

Travelling now, I have been looking back at photos captured on my phone – during airport stops and car rides, while missing my boys. And our Aqua Princess is one of the places that stands out, the boys sailing along with her, tinier than I remember, with teeth and without, sometimes with long hair – from those bush days on the Zambezi – and sometimes shorter – when school commenced. I remember how many sweet moments we’ve had with her and how they would never have been what they were without her.

Like the evening we spent whale-watching from her rooftop, while sailing along the coast of Clifton, from the V & A Waterfront. And New Year’s Eve, watching fireworks in the distance ignite the night sky on the last night of 2017, as we looked forward to the great new journey that lay before us in 2018.

Rather than a simple object, something superficial or material, the Aqua Princess has shown us the beauty of the world, from afar and up close, the wonder of land and water, and how, sometimes, things are more than things.

Is there something in your life that has served a similar purpose, given you more love and joy than any regular toy or gadget (whether big or small) might?