How To Be Kinder This Christmas

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” ~ Dalai Lama

Do you know how little I need to be happy, my boys? How I need but two things? You. And your happiness. Rather than spoil me with gifts this Christmas, give me your hugs, your smiles, your time, as I’ll give to you. Then let’s turn our hearts outwards, outside our little tribe and to the community we get to be apart of, the world we get to share.

Keep your pocket money. Let’s give kind words and kind deeds. You’ll see, as I have through motherhood, that giving feels a whole lot like receiving. You’ll see how much more joy your compassion will inspire. By all means, let’s give toys and warm meals to those in need, but let’s not let it replace the human heart, human connection, the simplest and most essential of gifts.

It is the little things of Christmases past that I remember most – the togetherness, the love and laughs. Not what I got or what I gave. Not the dent in the bank balance. Ok, no, that I remember. But it’s the spirit of the holiday that means anything really. So even more this year, my little elves, let’s focus on that little thing called kindness, and practice it with others and ourselves. Let’s, simply, be kinder. And I don’t mean those chocolate eggs with toys inside.

Below are our 10 ways to go about this mission…

How To Be Kinder This Christmas

  1. Focus on what we can give rather than what we hope to receive.
  2. Kind acts transform lives. Let’s branch out of our little pride and spread kindness with strangers. For guidance, we have The Kindness Calendar. A spin on the advent calendar and created by the folks at Action Happiness, the Kindness Calendar suggests good deeds to do throughout December to help spread joy in our communities. Click here to see the calendar.
  3. Remember the meaning of family as we celebrate, play, and explore this holiday: “Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind.” Thanks Lilo.
  4. Let’s let Mum sleep a little past sunrise before we jump onto her. But by all means, curl up with me and wrap those arms around me. There is no greater way to start (or end) the day.
  5. Let’s be kind to our friends – our furry friends. Spike, Duke, Connor and Mickey. Red, Coco and Charlie. Put down the screens and play, give them our time, our love.
  6. Let’s be kind to the earth. Clean up after yourselves, say no to straws. This is our home.
  7. Listen to Granny and Granddad’s stories. Listen. And see what happens…
  8. Be kind to yourself. Eat well, healthily, even when faced with stockings of sweet things. Go slow. Play, befriend yourself as you would another, compliment yourself. Take pride. Because you are beautiful.
  9. Take a leaf from the Imagination Tree and their Kindness Elves, which focus on giving back and on nurturing kindness in kids. Leading up to Christmas, the Kindness Elves arrive at your home. Each day, they are set out next to something that will be needed for their kindness project, with an act of kindness card telling them what they will do. E.g. “Let’s fill a box with supplies for the food bank and drop it off together.” “Shall we bake some cookies for the elderly neighbours?” “Can you smile at everyone you see today?” After the act of kindness is completed, the Kindness Elves leave a thank you note. Find out more here.
  10. Above all, don’t be kind for the sake of getting what you want. Do it genuinely, out of compassion for others. We are all part of the same tribe.