How To Be A Gentleman on Safari

The wild man in my two is going nowhere, that I know, but it would appear that the subliminal messages, the late-night book readings and early morning reminders have worked. The gentleman has been making his appearance too, gesture by gesture.

I’ve had a little help from my friends – Gareth May, author of “150 Things Every Man Should Know”, and Glenn O’Brien, author of “How to Be a Man”, and a few others. And as a gentlewoman, I’ve learnt some wonderful things about the manners that maketh a man. I have been particularly curious to put the lessons to the test out in the wilderness of our bush home in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, in South Africa.

Around campfires, on game drives, at sundowner wind-downs and during journaling afternoons on our recent safari in Jacobin, we cuddled up close and discussed the ins and outs of gentlemanly etiquette when on safari.

There were many prying questions from my side and many fabulous answers from both Carlos and Renzi. As usual, food made it into my youngest’s replies and my eldest reminded me about kindness, but some answers were a little less expected.

Take a look below at our ponderings on How to Be a Gentleman on Safari.

What is a gentleman?

Carlos: Someone who has manners.

Renzi: Someone who offers you food. And drinks.

How can you be a gentleman?

Carlos: Be kind, don’t be mean.

Renzi: Offer everyone food and snacks, If someone falls, help them up.

Safari attire:

Carlos: You must be fully clothed before entering the game vehicle.

Renzi: Do not run around naked. Only grownups can.

Safari conduct:

Carlos: Be a man of your word. Always be there for people when they need you.

Renzi: Don’t use swear words.

When you have a puncture from a rhino…

Carlos: Calm the rhino down, so he doesn’t come for you next. or try to scare him away.

Renzi: Offer your shirt to fill the hole so that you can drive home.

If it’s cold:

Carlos: Always take along a time machine so you can go back to the past and pack more jackets.

Renzi: Offer your jacket to those who are cold.

Around the campfire:

Carlos: Offer everyone blankets and food. Ask if anyone wants to snuggle with you.

Renzi: Suggest charades. Offer more food and drinks.

If there is an insect / a spider in someone’s room

Carlos: Find the web, return the spider to web.

Renzi: Offer to catch it under a glass.

If someone arrives with lots of luggage:

Carlos: Take along an RPG and blow the bags up. No luggage to carry. Problem solved.

Renzi: Offer to help carry.

If a female needs the loo on the game drive:

Renzi: Offer protection and privacy by keeping guard.

Carlos: Offer a bottle, toilet paper and a bush.

Some extra nuggets…

“If a lady falls, pick her up and apply bandages as needed.” – Carlos

“Always throw another log on the fire.” – Renzi

“Let the lady of the group decide first where to sit on the safari vehicle.” – Carlos